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  • Fast - free pickup.
  • Easy - we can remove any vehicle
  • Secure -20 years of service, A+ BBB rating
  • Price - you recieve a high tax value
  • Location - 400 offices in the US, one near you
  • Safe - licensed, insured and bonded in the USA
  • Choice - is yours: donate now or call
  • Share - donations distributed to help others
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Donating your vehicle provides charity and you receive the highest IRS deduction

We have an office in every city…guaranteed! With 350 offices in the USA, vehicle donors have many locations for us to pick up the vehicle donation. We come to you, tow it and give you the tax deduction paperwork the same day. You will find out why we are known for our:

  • Honesty - we are BBB A+ and funds benefit a nonprofit registered charitable organization
  • Integrity - donation certification and release of liability delivered in person, email or mail
  • Experience - serving since 1984. No keys, no title, not running, no problem
  • Excellent customer service - free consultation and available 7 days a week
  • Friendly - 350 offices in the USA. One near you...guaranteed!
  • Reliability - same day towing or pickup. We arrive prepared

We will give the donation support generated from cars and trucks for charity to the needy near to where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school or where your friends or relatives are.

We will take care of all the details for you to donate your vehicle in the highest legal and ethical practices.
Find out why all organizations that have vehicle donation needs, including car dealerships and businesses across the USA, contact us over and over again to handle their charitable vehicle donations. We make it simple and hassle-free to donate an auto! If you are thinking to donate a car to charity to help support a cause, call us to find out how your donation will substantially increase our assistance to service the people and their communities.

Lucy received a kidney transplant in NY because of a generous vehicle donation made in NJ. When trucks or cars are given for charity, we can provide the donations assistance that supports people like Lucy.

We have become one of the premier national vehicle donations service centers in the US. We realize you have choices on where to donate a car. When it comes time to 'donate my car to charity', there is no limit to what vehicle donations we accept since we have received all types of cars, trucks, vans and even real estate. We handle all the paper work promptly and legally to protect you while ensuring you the highest tax deduction and the greatest gift to help. Please click the donate now online , or call us at 800-816-2788 and we will be glad to answer questions regarding the charity donation process. Our experts know how to handle all vehicle donations so that the process will have the maximum benefit for you and the recipients.

Free Vacations? Some donation facilities may present to you and entice you to do business with them by offering a vacation. We do not offer this service since it is… well… a scam. You will end up paying money for a reservation, getting tied up in presentations and have little time to really enjoy your vacation. Does that sound like a vacation? Call us to find out where to donate a car and take the money we will save on your taxes and go on a vacation you will enjoy. No gimmicks with our service, just the highest deduction for you and ability to help people.